SCS Centenary Celebration

19 March 2015

centenary 1
Some of the PF crew having a good time at the research showcase

The School of Chemical Sciences Centenary Celebration opened with a Research Showcase, where attendees were treated to a series of fascinating talks by students and special guests of the university.

The students' session kicked off the day, where Andy and Nina from the Photon Factory were given a chance to tell the school and guests about their work.

The audience also heard from Nobel Laureate Robert Grubb, who spoke about his work in Ruthenium catalysts.  He explained how there is a lot of seredipidity to research work, and that a lot of expertise and experience is needed to be able to grasp the opportunities that present themselves.   Not only that, it can be even more difficult to follow up on these opportunities in order to take your research to the final stages where it may become commerically useful. For example, even though Grubbs received his Nobel prize in 2005, it is only recently that the first FDA approved drug based on that research has been made available on the market. 

This was then followed by an excellent talk by Prof. Russell Edgell about the life and work of Henry Moseley. His talk centered on Moseley's contributions to X-ray spectroscopy and his missing out on a Nobel prize on account of his early death at the battle of Gallipoli in April, 1915. According to Prof. Edgell's research, there was talk at the tables for the Nobel selection committee that year for giving Moseley the prize, but it seems he died before they could seriously consider it and unfortuantely it wasn't able to be awarded to him posthumously.

The second day of the Centenary Celebrations saw more talks by various speakers, including the school's very own Gordon Miskelly, who gave an excellent talk on the history of the School of Chemical Sciences at Auckland, and our 100 year off again-on again relationship with the Physics department.

The festivities were capped off with the gala dinner, where everyone arrived looking fabulous and had a wonderful time celebrating a very successful weekend. 



Photo Gallery

A selection of photos of the Photon Factory team at the School of Chemical Sciences Centenary Celebration.