Photon Factory

About the Photon Factory

The Photon Factory is part of the Faculty of Science at the University of Auckland. Our vibrant team of approximately 25 staff and students bring expertise from a range of disciplines: engineering, physics, chemistry and biology.

The Photon Factory’s research is advancing the use of light for energy, health and technology.

At a fundamental level, Photon Factory’s scientists are investigating how the energy in light can be converted into different forms, into micromachining power, or used as a tool to explore the composition of complex fluids (such as milk) or to selectively “nudge” cells and particles.

Working together to achieve fundamental discoveries, we then use these advances to benefit New Zealand and the world, with applied research and spin-off companies. We have particular strength - and demonstrated success - in translating our high-tech photonic and microfluidic research to improving outcomes for the dairy sector.

For more information on the commercial services available and the Photon Factory’s facilities, please get in touch via our Contact page.